"As the legend goes, it was the ambition of man that desired to give earth an unforgettable form and it was the soul of the stone that helped him achieve it. In return man gave stone a purpose to serve, a history to cherish and a life to live"

A stone is real only when its natural; thats when it breathes and thats how its meant to be. It was this singular belief that inspired us to set out on a remarkable journey to explore the world of natural stones. The result of this adventure is StoneLife, a place where stories are written in stone.


Welcome to StoneLife, a first of its kind natural stone studio in the country. Our studio contains a magnificent and eclectic collection of natural stones carefully chosen from various parts of the world. From the ethereal italian marble and the spectacular granites to the esoteric array of the semi-precious, our stone portfolio aims to push the boundaries of aesthetics and imagination.

Trust us when we tell you that it will be a visual treat; a push forward for your senses because at StoneLife, we aim to be that final signature when it comes to Stone


Block your calendars and make a visit to our studio to experience the StoneLife phenomena. Spend time with our stone experts while they take you through the journey of every stone, the perspectives they possess and the memories they hold.

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4th Floor, Above Barista Coffee Shop, Plot No.1299,
Road No.1, Jubilee Hills,
Hyderabad 500 033,
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